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What people on the Net have said:

"Free Fall is about ordinary people who live and die, work and rest, love and fight much like their ancestors did...except they are not on planet Earth. It is a fast-paced adventure full of spaceflight, corporate intrigue, politics, and computers."
            -- Walter Grams, WWWiz Magazine

"A while ago I was sick in bed and going out of my mind with boredom, then I rigged the computer up next to my bed so I could surf the net and accidently came across your site. This is to say thanx [sic] for a very entertaining story so far, I can't wait for the next installment"
            -- Riaan Rossouw, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

"I have been a fan of your writing for five years now, I stumbled across it while doing research on the web. I keyed in the search term 'center of gravity' and one of the items returned was a chapter in your first book .... I really enjoy the storyline and look forward to the rest of FreeFall."
            -- Bill Scott, Carrollton, TX

"I read a bit of your story on your page, and I think it is great. I am definatly [sic] going to download the whole thing and read it. I just want to say keep up the good work, and definatly [sic] think about publishing your novels as a book or books."
            -- Robin B.

"I read 'Free Fall' and I enjoyed it. I even went so far as to recommend the story to a friend ... I've found that the more realistic view of the future that's portrayed in your story is starting to, well, grow on me ... Congratulations on a great piece of scifi [sic]."
            -- Andrew Gushiken, Huntington Beach, CA

"This is my first experience at reading a novel by electronic means ... I'm enjoying the story and looking forward to reading future installments. Its [sic] refreshing to read clean SF ... I'm a traditionalist and like stories with honorable characters."
            -- Julian Fitzherbert, Houston, TX

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