Stanford Games: 1991-1997

Thanks to Snitch and Red for providing location data and narration, respectively. Please send additions or corrections to Curtis.

Star Wars (Spring 1997)
GC: Brent Holman et al.
History Corner; Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden; CalTrain Station (California Ave); Target, Mountain View; MatchPlay Gaming Center; Igloo House; Pez Museum; UN Plaza; Covered Tunnel in Marin Headlands; Bay Area Discovery Museum; Battery Yates; Cloudview Park; Gravity Probe 9, Old Mill Park; Marin Civic Center; Hunter's Hill Rest Area; Industrial Way and Court, Benecia; Port Costa Post Office; Park in Berkeley Hills; Indian Rock Park; 1929 Delaware Street Laundry; Radio tuned in at Sacramento and ???; 7th and Broadway stand pipes, Oakland; Moraga Ave, Piedmont; BlackHawk Plaza Fountain, Berkeley; Livermore Library Peace and Car; Niles Canyon Train; SKIP; SKIP; Bixbee Park; 2025 Kentucky Ave.

Indiana Jones (Spring 1996)
GC: Brent Holman et al.
Kresge Foundation Plaza (Frisbee Golf's Jurassic Park); Corner of Grove Lasuen & Campus Drive; Cummings Art Building; The Hoop; Kimball Lounge; Mausoleum; Foot Bridge over 280 and 92; SFO; SF Zoo; Fort Funston; Big Rock off 280; Crystal Springs Reservoir Plaque; Skegg's Vista Point; Creek near Heritage & Alpine; Call Box/Ravine off Pacific Coast Highway; Pigeon Pt. Lighthouse; Davenport Jail; UC Santa Cruz Ampitheatre; (Anyplace with fax machine, e.g., Kinko's); Watsonville Earthquake Memorial; Cemetery on Marin St.; Moss Landing Jetty #2; Hartnell College; Serra Monument in Monterey; Hopkins Marine Station; Power Plant near Cannery Row; Giant Artichoke in Castroville; San Juan Bautista; Shacks off 152 & Frazier Rd.; Reservoir off G8; CSAA in San Jose; Castle Rock State Park, Indian Rock Trailhead; Monte Bello Preserve near Page Mill; Quarry near Old Page Mill.

The Godfather (Spring 1996)
GC: Greg Collins

SETI (Winter 1996)
GC: ??? The Oval; Bayfront Park, Menlo Park; Arcturus Park, Foster City; San Mateo Pier; Western Aerospace Museum, Oakland Airport; Bay Area Teleport(?), Oakland Airport; Alameda College; 'Timeout' Game Store, Jack London Square; Oakland City Center Fountain, 'There'; Reservoir on Grizzly Peak, Marlborough, Berkeley; Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley; Tiffany Park, Sausalito; Battery Alexander; Radio Road, Daly City; Pillar Point Radar, Half Moon Bay; Stanford Foothills; Stevens Creek Dam; Winery on Pierce Road; Egyptian Museum; Reid-Hillview Airport light tower; United Technologies Space Propulsion Laboratory; stony lot in Morgan Hill; Calero Reservoir; San Jose Airport Park; Onizuka AFB, Gate 3; Bing Nursery; Bookstore lockers.

Magic: The Gathering (Spring 1995)
GC: Brent Holman et al.

Operation: The Plague (Spring 1995)
GC: Nick Eve, Amal Trivedi, Mike Knaack.

King Arthur (Spring 1994)
GC: Brent Holman et al.

The Most Dangerous Game (Spring 1994)
GC: Andy Collins

HELL (Spring 1994)
GC: Red Byer, Michael Witt, Prajnan Das.
We don't talk about this Game much, but it was a 12 clue Game (a little more than half) with back-breaking clues that started on a Friday night. The clues sucked ass, but the locations rocked. We did an email start, Water Temple, S.F., Marin Headlands, Point Reyes (Drake's Monument...kick ass site), Benicia, Martinez, Mt. Diablo (Rock City near the top), Stanford Mausoleum. This Game was put together in about 4 weeks and we ran it completely Anonymously. Unfortunately, it conflicted directly with TMDG (see above).

Alice in Wonderland (Spring 1993)
GC: ???

R.A.T.R.A.C.E. (Spring 1993)
GC: Red Byer, Michael Witt, Prajnan Das.
R.A.T.R.A.C.E. (Research Across Time Requiring Astounding Commitment and Endurance)... We started at the Cement Ship at Seacliffe State Beach, travelled down through Moss Landing, then to Monterey (Dennis The Menace Park), to Salinas (giant artichoke), San Juan Bautista, Hollister, Casa de Fruta, Gavilan College in Gilroy, San Jose Rosicrucian Museum, Shoreline Park (there were actually 18 sites). Interesting Note: This was the first (perhaps only) Game to have an ALL PROFESSOR team. They finished in the middle third...did quite well actually.

Western Posse (Spring 1992)
GC: ???
Also known as "The Long Ride Home" (the book by Louis L'Amour that the Game was based on). This one was put together in 4 weeks following the infamous "Circle K" Game (see below). One of the GC members names was John....and several of these guys eventually went to Microsoft. Also note...the concept of enforcers came about during this Game in order to slow the lead teams up a bit so that GC could finish writing clues and placing them on the fly.

"Circle K" (Winter/Spring 1992)
I don't know much about the theme, but I do know that the Game lasted a long time *and* ended in Reno (where GC had rented a hotel room in hopes that teams would spend the night...teams instead opted to drive home and return cars). The reason everybody called it the "Circle K" game was because there was a clue hidden behind a Circle K that ended up getting the cops involved and a team arrested. Following this Game, teams were warned to just say to the cops "We are a bunch of Stanford students and we are on a scavenger hunt."

Mission Improbable (Spring 1991)
GC: ???

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