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We started the JoCo Cruise Crazy Caribbean Treasure Hunt on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011—our first "At Sea" day. The hunt ran for four days; at least twenty-five people participated at some point, and at least fifteen solved all the puzzles!

Our Game Control station was in the corner of the Tabletop Gaming room on deck 3 of the Eurodam. Two new puzzles were released each day, plus a meta-puzzle on the fourth and final day (and a bonus audio clue for those die-hards who stayed up until the wee hours).

Every player was offered a red question mark logo sticker for starting the hunt, and received a foil star sticker (their choice of colors: silver, red, blue, green, or gold) for solving each puzzle. Solving the final meta-puzzle earned them an "Achievement Unlocked" sticker.

The first three people to solve the meta-puzzle also each received a lovely souvenir glass from Margaritaville (translation: extra crap goodies we didn't want to carry home ourselves).

Game Control members could be identified by stickers on their badges, and were prepared to confirm puzzle answers and award stickers at any time if you encountered them on the ship.

As it turned out, most people preferred to just meet us in the Tabletop Gaming room when it was open.

Want to know more? Two of the organizers, Curtis and DeeAnn, did a full debrief of the event on their weekly Game Control podcast! Listen to SnoutCast #48: "JoCo Cruise Puzzley."

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Puzzles and Solutions

* Requires information found aboard the Eurodam to solve

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Thanks to everyone who helped organize the hunt, created or playtested puzzles, and otherwise assisted or supported Game Control!

This work by "JoCo Cruise Crowd" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

For more information on puzzle hunts, visit Team Snout.