GC Summit 2008

On March 21, 2008, members of the Bay Area Game community gathered at Stanford University for the second "Game Control Summit."

YouTube playlist Watch all talks (2 hours, 2 minutes)

From Amazing BANG to Zorg: A Survey of Game Offshoots, Variants, and Related Events

(32 min.) Rich Bragg, Blood & Bones
Also featuring Brent Holman (Scoobies/Shinteki), John Owens (Advil), and Greg deBeer (Iron Puzzler).

* Download slides (75KB .ppt)

No More Secrets Post-Mortem

(51 min.) Jan Chong, coed astronomy
Also featuring Dale Neal (coed astronomy).

* Download slides (862KB .ppt)

Gadgets for Games

(40 min.) Acorn Pooley, Drunken Spiders/Team Snout
Note: The views expressed by Acorn do not necessarily represent those of Team Snout. :)

# Download slides (1.8MB .pdf)

Gadget Resources Page


Thanks to Shinteki for sponsoring the GC Summit!

Video production assistance provided by Team Snout and the Burninators.

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