T.I.M.E. QUEST: The JoCo Cruise Crazy 4 Puzzle Hunt

What's all this, then?

It's a puzzle hunt at GameStorm 16!

What's a "puzzle hunt?"

An event in which you solve a set of unique puzzles, building to a final "meta-puzzle." (Teams are encouraged. We believe puzzle-solving is best enjoyed with friends!)

Do we win anything?

We hope you'll play T.I.M.E. QUEST for fun! And maybe bragging rights. In any case, solvers will earn a wearable button and stickers as they progress through the hunt. If a prize is offered, it will be raffled to puzzle hunt players at the Sunday wrap-up (must be present to win. You may not meet all your fellow T.I.M.E. officers during the hunt, so come to the wrap-up at 3:00pm on Sunday!

So what do these puzzles look like?

Our original brainteasers can take many forms! Some may look familiar, like a crossword or word search, but each T.I.M.E. QUEST puzzle will require creative thinking to find its hidden message.

I'm in! How do I play?

Visit the T.I.M.E. QUEST Station at the Info Desk to pick up puzzles. We're releasing new puzzles every day from Thursday (March 20th) through Saturday (March 22nd), inclusive. To confirm your answers, talk to someone at the Info Desk—and get a sticker for each solve!

What if I want help solving a puzzle?

Just ask! We'll do our best to make sure you have fun during the hunt.

How do I know if I'm cheating?

The only way you can cheat is to violate the GameStorm code of conduct! Feel free to use solving apps or the Internet—and don't forget other people can often be the best resource!

Still have questions? Ask our Info Desk personnel or look for anyone wearing a T.I.M.E. QUEST badge. We're here to help!