About Our Rings

Our engagement rings and wedding bands were created by Kurt & Carol Armbrust, proprietors of KC Goldsmiths in Menlo Park. We brought them a design we'd developed over many breakfasts at Hobees, and they helped us fine-tune it and select our stones.

Before we decided to get custom-made rings, we had looked at several off-the-shelf designs. The problem was, we wanted a matched pair, and all the men's rings were butt-ugly and all the women's rings had raised or pointy bits which were likely to catch on clothing, hair, and possibly other loose dangling things.

DeeAnn's ring is 14 karat white gold with a yellow gold stripe between the gems. A 3mm ruby is hammer-set into the outward (fingertip) node, and a 3mm pale sapphire in the inward node.

Curtis' ring is the same design, with elements reversed: yellow gold with a white gold stripe, sapphire outward, ruby inward. Both our wedding bands are plain, but notched so they sit flush next to our engagement rings.

When Curtis' mother first saw the rings, she said, "They're very Star Trek™." Carol Armbrust thought we had been inspired in part by the traditional Chinese Yin Yang design.

'Be sure to drink your Ovaltine'?!?
One size fits... one.
Pretty as a picture, she is like a golden ring...