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The following information is arranged according to WHIM (Weather-proof Hedonistic Intelligent Module), a complex, chaos-based relational database system, and is therefore subject to change at any time.

*!* F   R   E   E   F   A   L   L
Original Science Fiction by yours truly, distributed exclusively over the Internet. Featuring spaceships, capitalism, philosophy, conspiracy, piracy, espionage, love, physics, and more.

*@* AT&T Labs
My day job.

*%* The Dilbert Zone
You unlock this door with the key you stole from the office supply closet...

"What do you want?" "Information."

Yahoo! // Office of the Director of Central Intelligence // The White House // BIG List of Web sites // World Wide Yellow Pages // The Internet Services List // Project Galactic Guide for the Web // The Mammoth Music Meta-List // Cinenet // Internet Movie Database // Internet Music Resources // Britannica Online // Lycos WWW Searcher // San Francisco Bay Area Transit Information // The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Science Fiction Lynx

Science Fiction Resource Guide // The Web Site of Love (MST3K) // Queeg's Red Dwarf Archive // Star Wars Home Page // Battlestar Galactica Home Page // Blade Runner Home Page // Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 // Voltayre's ENCYCLOPEDIA XENOBIOLOGICA // Future Fantasy Bookstore, Palo Alto, CA // Larry Niven's Down in Flames // Starship Design Home Page

Computers Rule the World

Computing Virtual Library // Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing // UNIX Reference Desk // Perl Archive // Academic Computer Science Departments // CPU Information Center // The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) // USENIX and SAGE // 3DSite (Computer Graphics) // ALIFE (Artificial Life) Online // The Jargon File

Technology + Capitalism = Civilization

Internet Media Services, Inc. // Pacific Bell // International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation // Motorola, Inc. // Cisco Systems // Sun Microsystems // Silicon Graphics Computer Systems // Iomega Corporation // Mips Technologies, Inc. // Microsoft Corporation // Thinking Machines Corporation // Creative Labs // The Wireless Opportunities Coalition

Intellectual Elitist Bastards!

Why Cryptography is Harder than it Looks // The Internet Society // Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand // The Electronic Frontier Foundation // Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) // Celebrity Atheists

Star Trekkin'

Paramount's Official Web site // The Original Series (TOS) // The Next Generation (TNG) // Deep Space Nine (DSN) // Voyager (VOY) // Vidiot's home page // Points of Interest list Lists and Technical FAQ Archive // Tim Lynch's Reviews Archive // Klingon Language Institute // The Terry Farrell Appreciation Page // Image G //

Wordsmith Web

The Electronic Newsstand // ClariNet e.News // Project Gutenberg NEEDS YOUR HELP! // AwardWeb: Collections of Literary Award Information // Time Warner's Pathfinder // Complete Works of William Shakespeare // The Tech (MIT Newspaper) // HotWired

Have you seen this?

The Compact Disc Music Clubs Web Server // Earth Viewer // Cool Word of the Day // Buena Vista Pictures Web // The MIT Guide to Lockpicking // Virtual MeetMarket // Guide to Stars and Galaxies // Views of the Solar System // The Virtual Hospital // MCA/Universal Cyberwalk

Frivolity and Fun

World Birthday Web // Animaniacs! // ID Software's DOOM // They Might Be Giants (official) // Internet Humor Archives // David Letterman Top Ten List Archive // Chocolate Lover's Page // LEGO Home Page // Monty Python scripts // Interactive Games // Comics on the Web // The Simpsons Archive // Quantum Leap info page // The Infinite Grid

Surfing the Web

Webbiquette // Cool Site of the Day // PC Week Labs list of best home pages // The infamous Easter Egg Hunt // EXPO // The Virtual Tourist // O'Reilly's GNN Directory // List of Active WWW Searcher Robots // Bob(c)WEB (not affiliated with the Church of the Sub-Genius or Microsoft Corp.) // Stanford University Users and Groups // URouLette

Yes, I do have friends...

Gavin Wasserman // Tony Choe // Jennifer Hardy Williams // Dave Ozenne // Soo Song // Woo Song // Carol Oliver // Russ Allbery // Betty Lee // Joanna Salgado // Max Kamenetsky // Ravi Konchigeri // Jocelyn Goldfein // Shimpei Yamashita // Jenson Wong // Jennifer Chien // Erik Chen // Eylon Stroh

*?* The Trojan Room Coffee Machine
Arguably the most pointless resource on the Internet.

*?* The Amazing Fish Cam
Not nearly as useless as the coffee machine, but close.

*?* Internet Accessible Coke Machines
The third most useless resource on the Web.

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