What's New Pussycat?

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05 Apr 2006
Added some photos!
04 Mar 2005
Added menu for Dim Sum Sunday.
27 Feb 2005
At Karin's request, changed her "words to live by" on the About Us page.
17 Feb 2005
Added explicit frames/no frames links to main navigation pages.
13 Feb 2005
Added Dim Sum Sunday info and online RSVP form!
10 Feb 2005
Added Things To Do In Downtown Palo Alto When You're A Wedding Guest.
09 Feb 2005
Replaced Yahoo! Maps link on Getting Here page with link to spiffy new Google Maps BETA!
08 Feb 2005
Updated About Us page with biographical information.
12 Jan 2005
Added wedding-party-only email address (excludes Curtis + DeeAnn) to Registry and Contact Us pages.
05 Jan 2005
Web site launched!