Number Five is Alive

What's all this, then?

It's a puzzle hunt on JoCo Cruise 5!

What's a "puzzle hunt?"

An event in which you solve a set of unique puzzles, building to a final "meta-puzzle." (Teams are encouraged. We believe puzzle-solving is best enjoyed with friends!) Events very similar to this one happened on JCCC1, JCCC2, JCCC3, and JCCC4.

Do we win anything?

We hope you'll play #5isALIVE for fun! And maybe bragging rights. Every PUZZLE HUNTER will earn a wearable button and stickers as she solves more puzzles. You may not meet all your fellow Puzzle Hunters during the hunt, so come to our wrap-up event on Saturday (time and place TBD) to share your stories!

So what do these puzzles look like?

Our original brainteasers can take many forms! Some may look familiar, like a crossword or sudoku, but each #5isALIVE puzzle will require creative thinking to find its hidden message. Try our 2013 sample puzzle!

I'm in! How do I play?

Visit the #5isALIVE station in the GAME ROOM (Conference Center: deck 2, forward) to pick up puzzles. We're releasing new puzzles every day from Sunday (January 31st) through Friday (February 6th), inclusive. To confirm your answers, talk to anyone wearing a green-and-gold GAME CONTROL button—we'll give you a new sticker for each solve!

What if I want help solving a puzzle?

Just ask! Hints are always available, and we'll do our best to make sure you have fun during the hunt.

Still have questions? E-mail jccquest@snout.org. We're here to help!