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I was born in Taiwan, but I don't really remember the incident. I now live in the United States, and am a fully naturalized, Social-Security-card-carrying, income-tax-paying, hybrid-car-driving American citizen.

June, 1991
I graduate with valedictory honors from West High School, in the Southern Californian city of Torrance.
November 6, 1993
FREEFALL begins.
June, 1995
F.A.R.M. Patrol is released.
I graduate from Stanford University with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.
I begin work as a software engineer and sysadmin for the now-defunct Internet Media Services (IMS), a startup in downtown Palo Alto.

October, 1996
I buy my first palmtop: a US Robotics Pilot 5000.
August, 1997
IMS officially disbands.
September 22, 1997
I begin work as a Webmaster Manager at AT&T Labs.
January 19, 1998
I launch Snout.
July 1, 1998
I launch What's Up!, an AT&T intranet web site featuring market intelligence from the AT&T Labs Industry Relations Group (IRG).
July 26, 1998
I help launch the AT&T/BT Global Venture web site.
December 14, 1998
Pre-production on Superluminary begins.
March 3, 1999
The trailer for Superluminary debuts at Bryan Bell's surprise birthday party.
April 1, 1999
The Superluminary World Premiere!
October 25, 1999
After a brief hiatus, the HotSheet resumes publication in a new prose format.
August, 2000
I join The Richter Scales!
November, 2000
I move into Casa de Snout with DeeAnn, Amber, and Bayla. Highlights since Stanford: 1995-2000

May 5-6, 2001
Homicide: Life on the Farm, THE GAME.
September 19, 2001
The "Murder defies reason" HotSheet.
January 31, 2002
I resign from the soon-to-be-dissolved AT&T Labs Marketing Group.
July 9, 2002
I begin work as a Webmaster for PalmSource.
October 19-20, 2002
October 25, 2002
Amber died today.
February 1, 2003
I attend my first acting class at The Voice Factory.
March, 2003
Jasper joins the Casa de Snout family.
July 26, 2003
DeeAnn and I celebrate our fifth anniversary together, and announce our engagement to friends and family.
September 14-19, 2003
I attend SpaceCamp in Huntsville, Alabama.
September 26, 2003
I give two weeks' notice that I'm leaving PalmSource.
October 13, 2003
I begin work as a Web Application Engineer at Google.
July 31-August 1, 2004
Justice Unlimited, THE GAME.
March 12, 2005
CKL + D = Wedding
November 28, 2005
I finish a first draft of my first attempted novel, By the Light of the Moon. Life since Stanford: 2000-2005

April, 2006
I help launch The Da Vinci Code Quest on Google.
May 9, 2006
I take a ride on the Zero-G plane!
September 9-10, 2006
Hogwarts and the Draconian Prophecy, THE GAME.
September 29, 2006
The Richter Scales release our first album, We Hate A Cappella.
November 28, 2006
I finish a first draft of my second attempted novel, Waypoint Kangaroo.
January 3, 2007
I read an excerpt from Waypoint Kangaroo on the KFJC morning show, Unbedtime Stories.
March 2, 2007
I talk about "Clues" at the first GC Summit.
June 29, 2007
I finish writing my first screenplay, The Gauntlet.
November 29, 2007
I finish a first-half draft of my third attempted novel, Spaceship Castle.
January 18, 2008
My last day at Google.
January 23, 2008
I read an excerpt from Spaceship Castle on the KFJC morning show, Unbedtime Stories.
April 5-6, 2008
Midnight Madness: Back To Basics! (THE GAME)
April 14, 2008
DeeAnn and I begin Travels With Our Cats.
May 31, 2008
We watch a Space Shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral.
June 13, 2008
I finish writing my first teleplay, "Apartment of Champions" (an original comedy pilot).
July 1, 2008
I get accepted to Viable Paradise!
September 16, 2008
DeeAnn and I conclude Travels With Our Cats at our new home in Vancouver, Washington.
September 21-26, 2008
Viable Paradise XII
October 3, 2008
I launch 512 Words or Fewer.
November 15-16, 2008
Sitcom Room 3
November 29, 2008
I finish a first draft of my fourth attempted novel, EndGame.
February 6, 2009
512.19 "Better" gets great reviews.
April 30, 2009
I finish writing my second screenplay, Sweet Valley Heist.
May 14-15 & 21, 2009
I work three days as an extra on Leverage episode 204 ("The Fairy Godparents Job").
June, 2009
DeeAnn and I travel to Europe for Jeff & Marina's wedding.
July 12, 2009
My short story "Restart" is published in Strangetastic.
June 21-July 31, 2009
Clarion West Write-a-thon 2009
September 13, 2009
October 23, 2009
I am the featured guest on Strange Love Live.
November 19, 2009
I present "How to Solve Any Puzzle in Less Than 47 Minutes" at Ignite Portland 7.
November 25, 2009
DeeAnn and I begin podcasting with SnoutCast #1: "ZombiePortLand"
November 27-28, 2009
I run the ORCs at OryCon 31.
November 30, 2009
I finish a first draft of my fifth attempted novel, Better.
December 9, 2009
Good-bye, Bayla.
January 5, 2010
I am a professional writer.
January 7, 2010
Tye joins the Sole-Chen family.
February 14, 2010
My niece Kara is born!
March 3, 2010
DeeAnn presents "Travels With Our Cats" at Ignite Portland 8.
March 4, 2010
My short story "The Stories We Tell Ourselves" is published in the 100 Stories for Haiti charity anthology.
March 15, 2010
I work one day as an extra on Leverage episode 304 ("The Scheherazade Job").
April 6, 2010
SnoutCast changes to a weekly format!
April 24, 2010
May 14, 2010
I work one day as an extra on Leverage episode 308 ("The Boost Job").
June, 2010
My short story "At Long Last, Love" is published in From the Porch Swing: memories of our grandparents (also available on Kindle).
July 14, 2010
The first monthly Puzzled Pint event takes place in Portland, Oregon!
June 27-August 7, 2010
I participate in the Clarion UCSD Write-a-thon 2010
August 24, 2010
My first blog post for ProgrammableWeb.com.
November 12-13, 2010
I run the ORCs at OryCon 32.
November 15, 2010
I experience my first MRI scan! It's not nearly as exciting as on House. That's probably a good thing.
November 30, 2010
I finish a half-draft of my sixth attempted novel, Working Graves: CAVE CANEM. Life since Stanford: 2005-2010

January 2-8, 2011
JoCo Cruise Crazy (on which we also run a Treasure Hunt)!
February 12, 2011
I present "Everything I Need To Know About Running The Game, I Have Learned From Running The Game" at the 5th annual GC Summit.
March 9-13, 2011
DeeAnn and I attend the Rainforest Writers Village, where raccoons steal our soup.
June 15, 2011
I attend a table read of my prize-winning comedy pilot "Apartment of Champions" in Los Angeles.
July 23, 2011
The Puzzled Pint Pub Progression (P4), our one year anniversary puzzle hunt!
June 26-August 6, 2011
Clarion UCSD Write-a-thon 2011
November 11-12, 2011
I run the ORCs at OryCon 33.
November 29, 2011
I finish a half-draft of my seventh attempted novel, Kangaroo Too.
February 9, 2012
I present "A Homebrew Cat Feeding Robot" at Ignite Portland 10.
February 19-26, 2012
JoCo Cruise Crazy II (on which we help run the "Dead Man's Quest?" puzzle hunt)
March 11, 2012
CKL+D = ReWedding (our seventh wedding anniversary celebration)
March 31-April 1, 2012
We play in The Doctor When Game (second weekend).
May 13, 2012
I <3 PDX
July 25, 2012
Willamette Week features Puzzled Pint, now two years old, in its "Best of Portland 2012" issue!
August 3-5, 2012
WarTron brings THE GAME to Portland, Oregon!
August 11, 2012
DeeAnn and I volunteer at the starting line for Hood To Coast.
September 27, 2012
My nephew Matt is born!
October 9, 2012
Puzzled Pint expands to include Seattle, Washington!
October 17, 2012
I undergo my first root canal, which is surprisingly painless and hassle-free.
November 2-4, 2012
I run the ORCs at OryCon 34.
November 30, 2012
I finish a partial draft of my eighth attempted novel, I'll Take Manhattan.
December 27, 2012
My final blog post for ProgrammableWeb.
February 10-17, 2013
JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 (on which we run the Star Quest Puzzle Hunt)
March 3, 2013
I talk about our JoCo Cruise Crazy puzzle hunts at the 7th annual GC Summit.
March 31, 2013
Query Shark loves my query letter for Waypoint Kangaroo!
April 11-14, 2013
Paradise Lost III
June 29-30, 2013
The WarTron: Boston re-cast of our Game happens!
July 11-14, 2013
DeeAnn and I attend Readercon 24.
August 17-18, 2013
I enter the Sledgehammer Writing Contest with my written-in-36-hours short story "Born to the Legion."
September 9, 2013
My short story "Don't Fence Me In" is published in Song Stories: Blaze of Glory (also available on Kindle).
September 21, 2013
My awesome friends put on an amazing, TNG-themed puzzle hunt to celebrate my 40th birthday!
September 27-29, 2013
We play in The Famine Game in Washington, DC.
October 9, 2013
I work one day as an extra on Grimm episode 308 ("Twelve Days of Krampus").
November 8-9, 2013
I run the ORCs at OryCon 35.
November 12, 2013
Puzzled Pint expands to include London, England!
November 14, 2013
I present "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" at Ignite Portland 12.
November 30, 2013
I finish a partial draft of my ninth attempted novel, A Tale of Two Winters.
January 31, 2014
I self-publish the collection Thursday's Children: Flash Fiction from 512 Words or Fewer.
Feburary, 2014
My novelette "Somebody's Daughter" is published in Leading Edge magazine issue 65.
February 23-March 1, 2014
JoCo Cruise Crazy 4 (on which we run the T.I.M.E. Quest Puzzle Hunt)
June-August, 2014
I attend Clarion West!
July, 2014
My short story "Making Waves" is published in SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror, and I become a client of Sam Morgan at JABberwocky Literary Agency.
September, 2014
My short story "Zugzwang" is published in Daily Science Fiction. This is my first pro sale!
November, 2014
I'm a featured guest at the SFWA Pacific Northwest Reading Series, along with Django Wexler and Daniel H. Wilson.
January 31-February 7, 2015
JoCo Cruise 5 (on which we run the Number Five Is Alive Puzzle Hunt)
February, 2015
My short story "It's Machine Code" is published in Unlikely Story #11: The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography.
July 29, 2015
I work one day as an extra on Grimm episode 502 ("Clear and Wesen Danger").
November, 2015
My short story "Ten Days Up" is published in the Baen Books anthology Mission: Tomorrow. Life since Stanford: 2010-2015

June 21, 2016
My debut novel Waypoint Kangaroo is published by Thomas Dunne Books (St. Martin's Press)! It will go on to be a finalist for the 2017 Locus Awards and Endeavour Award.
March, 2017
Sam Morgan and I move to a new agency, Foundry Literary + Media.
April, 2017
I attend the first Melon event in Hong Kong.
June 20, 2017
My second novel, Kangaroo Too, is published by Thomas Dunne Books (St. Martin's Press)! It receives a starred review from Publishers Weekly.
August, 2017
I attend the Shanghai Book Fair and Shanghai International Literary Week, where the Simplified Chinese edition of Waypoint Kangaroo is launched!
February, 2018
My short story "Go, Space Racer!" is published in Playboy Magazine.
June 10, 2018
Jasper died on a Sunday.
July 10, 2018
Puzzled Pint: KANGAROO style

More to come...

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